Ocean Sports 

Water, Wind and Waves: Feel the magic!

When you enter the ocean realm using nothing but the forces of nature and your own, you experience something special, an indescribable feeling that falls somewhere between spirituality, pleasure and euphoria. So powerful is this feeling that most of us who become ocean people will continue to do so throughout our lives, perhaps in an effort to feed our minds, bodies and souls.   

Ocean people know that the ocean empowers you, heals you, feeds you and makes you happy; but it also teaches you respect and humility.  Surfers, windsurfers, kiters, paddlers and hard-core ocean people know this.  We should also know that our ocean is in deep trouble and we need to save it.   

Oceanvida teaches you to become an ocean person, which means you would not only learn ocean sports, but also what is wrong with the ocean and how to protect it.   

Once you become an ocean person, you too will feel the magic.    

Non-motorized ocean sports include: 

Standup Paddle-boarding (SUP)

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